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"Our users have tried other systems,
but are not willing to change."

An effective CAD system can bring
enormous rewards for your company,
a poor CAD system will cost you
customers, enquiries, sales and profits.
DIAMOND's Reinforced Concrete Detailing is a versatile, efficient and quality assured system designed to aid detailers in producing fast and accurate reinforced concrete detail drawings. It incorporates a wealth of functionality, which enables it to cope with a variety of different sized and complex structures.

DIAMOND-RC has a bar database which ensures data integrity by using dependency information to link all elements of a bar definition together. This means that bars cannot be separated from their call-offs (one cannot be deleted or removed without the other), and makes certain that no bar can be modified without all associated elements, including call-offs, being immediately updated.

DIAMOND-RC produces its bending schedules directly from the bar database, ensuring that any change to the drawing will immediately be reflected in subsequent schedules. The integrity of the bar database guarantees that there will be no mismatch between bars, call-offs and bending schedules. DIAMOND-RC follows UK conventions, practices and British Standards and when used by an experienced detailer, will quickly produce clear, accurate, drawings and schedules.

DIAMOND-RC was developed by software engineers who treat the system in the exactly same way as regular users, according to a very detailed specification prepared by experienced detailers. It was designed to offer, among others, the following:

* Fast and yet reliable performance.
* Flexible and yet efficient operations.
* Re-use of standard details.
* Comprehensive range of dynamic displays (Rubber bands) as operational aid.
* Compliance with British Standards and Codes of Practice.
* A bar database to ensure data integrity.
* Automatic lapping of bars and out of plane bar entity placement.
* Automatic and error free scheduling.
* Automatic calculation of bar weights.
* Use of different scales on the same drawing.
* Ability to load outlines from other ASA utilities.
* Automatically generated and controlled call-offs.
* Unlimited suffix options for generated call-offs.
* Extensive error checking capabilities.
* Import of RC details from other drawings with no bar mark conflicts.
* Control over bar-mark numbers.
* Easy manipulation of new and existing members.

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